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About Perseverance Ranch

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Perseverance Ranch, LLC is a full-service horse drawn carriage and wagon ride company that is located in the Denver Metro area. Serving Southern Denver to Northern Colorado Springs, we collectively have over 30 years experience working with horses of all kinds.

We are a family owned and operated business with a mission to provide top class quality in our horse drawn carriages, uniforms, decorations and other services we provide. We take special attention to the presentation of our horses and carriages for your hayride, wedding, party, or special occasion. Each event is unique, and we will make sure that your event is treated as our most important affair, and that it and our services surpass your expectations.

The staff at Perseverance Ranch, LLC has been around horses their entire lives. Bringing joy to others through the love of a horse is why we are in business. Our mission is to make your special day go as smooth as possible, which happens through the professionalism and honesty our team maintains. We pride ourselves on our well-groomed horses, clean and tastefully decorated carriages and professional staff who are appropriately attired for the occasion. We provide experienced drivers and two handlers per carriage and make the safety of our passengers a priority.

Experience, professionalism, and a true love of what we do, are qualities reflected in all the services we provide.Contact Us Today for pricing and scheduling your next horse-drawn carriage adventure!

Our Horses

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Our horses are calm, well-trained and experienced in traffic. They receive the best of care and grooming, including annual vaccines and regular trimming of their hooves.

Our?Percheron horses are built for tough work, calm, well-trained, and remain safe during traffic situations. We never overwork a horse and provide continuous?fresh water, feed, and rest during working hours.

They are fed high quality food and spend a majority of their time in our large pasture. We also maintain quality standards by meeting insurance policy standards.

These horses are not just our business partners, they are part of our family.


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Our white Vis-a-Vis carriage consists of two comfortable benches that face each other. This classic carriage style will give grace and beauty to your wedding day and photos. Here are some features of the vis-a-vis carriage.

  • Seats 4 peoplethe Vis-a-Vis carriage can comfortably seat four adults.
  • Burgundy Velour interiorAdds a classic look to your wedding entourage.
  • Adjustable TopCan be raised or lowered based on weather, mood, or personal preference.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.


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Our Picnic Limo Carriage consist of four comfortable benches, two that face each other and two in the back that face each other. This Emerald green carriage will add elegance, grace and beauty to any occasion. This carriage will add a gorgeous backdrop for any photo. Here are some features of the picnic limo carriage.

  • Seats 12 peoplethe Picnic Limo can comfortably seat twelve adults
  • Black InteriorAdds a classic and elegant look to your wedding.
  • No TopThe Picnic Limo Carriage does not have a covered top.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.

Hay Wagon

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Our dark wood hay wagon is a rustic wagon that will add a touch of western flair to your day. It’s beloved by couples for also providing an old west feel for photos. Here are some features of the hay wagon.

  • Seats 18 peoplethe hay wagon can comfortably seat eighteen adults
  • Green/Wood InteriorAdds an old west country look to your wedding day.
  • Covered Top The hay wagon has an optional canvas or vinyl top.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.


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