Horse-Drawn Carriages

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Allow our team of professionals the opportunity to transform your fantasy into a reality. Our exquisite carriages turn heads, making an enchanting statement that every couple deserves. We will prepare this most joyous occasion down to the fine detail. We work closely with the photo group to allow plenty of time for capturing the highlights of your special day.? Contact Us for pricing and questions.

Lovely bride setting in a white carriage with red velvet seating interior, being pulled by a white horse.


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Our white Vis-a-Vis carriage consists of two comfortable benches that face each other. This classic carriage style will give grace and beauty to your wedding day and photos. Here are some features of the vis-a-vis carriage.

  • Seats 4 peoplethe Vis-a-Vis carriage can comfortably seat four adults.
  • Burgundy Velour interiorAdds a classic look to your wedding entourage.
  • Adjustable TopCan be raised or lowered based on weather, mood, or personal preference.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.


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Our Picnic Limo Carriage consist of four comfortable benches, two that face each other and two in the back that face each other. This Emerald green carriage will add elegance, grace and beauty to any occasion. This carriage will add a gorgeous backdrop for any photo. Here are some features of the picnic limo carriage.

  • Seats 12 peoplethe Picnic Limo can comfortably seat twelve adults
  • Black InteriorAdds a classic and elegant look to your wedding.
  • No TopThe Picnic Limo Carriage does not have a covered top.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.

Hay Wagon

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Our dark wood hay wagon is a rustic wagon that will add a touch of western flair to your day. It’s beloved by couples for also providing an old west feel for photos. Here are some features of the hay wagon.

  • Seats 18 peoplethe hay wagon can comfortably seat eighteen adults
  • Green/Wood InteriorAdds an old west country look to your wedding day.
  • Covered Top The hay wagon has an optional canvas or vinyl top.
  • Optional Sign An optional Just Married or Just Hitched sign can be hung on the rear carriage section.

Every Detail Matters

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Flowers & Decorations

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Make your carriage ride one-of-a-kind by personalizing it with the colors, theme, and embellishments you desire.? Feel free to decorate the carriage with flowers, greenery, ribbons, and bows of your choosing.? (We ask that you please do not use balloons.) Whether you’re wanting to match wedding colors or add a unique touch, using flowers and decorations can make your special day even more memorable.


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Your safety, relaxation, and enjoyment are our top priority. In order to provide the secure horse-drawn carriage ride, all carriages are equipped with rubber wheels, hydraulic brakes, and lights. We comply with all laws, regulations, and standards involving the services we provide including day or night rides on public streets 35mph or less.


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We want to add a professional and elegant appearance to your special day. That’s why our coachman and footman will always come dressed in formal attire. If you want to match a rustic theme or just prefer a more casual but professional attire, they can also dress in a western outfit and western hat.

Horse Cleanliness

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We promise to always have the cleanest and best-looking horse ready for your big day. They are bathed, brushed, groomed, and combed to look presentable at your event. To ensure every horse is kept healthy, their hoofs are inspected and maintained before each event.

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